Poster Presentations

Best poster award winners at womENcourage 2019.

Join poster presentations to learn about interesting research done by other students and early practitioners from all around the world. Some 30 research posters submitted by the authors representing 17 countries from 5 continents were peer-reviewed and accepted to the conference program.

All times below are given in local Baku (UTC +4) time. Click the session header to go to the corresponding day in the event program.

Session 1 / Thursday, 24 September, 15:00-16:00

AayeshaImproved Epileptic Seizure Detection Model
Catherine Famiwole, Bolanle Ojokoh and Abimbola AfolayanA Case-based Online Housing Recommender System
Catherine HooperWhich Random Seed Is Best for Random Seeds?
Farida Aliyeva, Fidan Ismayilova and Narmin Aydarova“Finance Manager” Application for Azerbaijani Local Bank’s Mobile Banking System
Khawla Seddiki, Frederic Precioso, Michel Salzet, Isabelle Fournier and Arnaud DroitTowards CNN Representations for Small Mass Spectrometry Data Classification
Marjana Prifti Skenduli and Doriela GrabockaUser-Emotion Analysis Leveraging Pre-trained Word Embedding Models for Albanian: An Empirical Evaluation
Milagros MiceliMaking Data, Making Reality. Power, Visibility, and the Production of Datasets for ML
Nigar AlishzadeA Data Model for Heterogeneous Healthcare Knowledge
Olufunke C. Olayemi, Bolanle A. Ojokoh and Peter I. IdowuThe Power of Predictive Models for the Diagnosis of Respiratory Infections among Peadiatrics Patients
Pooja Gupta, Volkan Dedeoglu, Salil S. Kanhere and Raja JurdakData Reselling in IoT Data Marketplace
Priyank Saxena, Roshini Darmireddi and Aniruddh PrakashLeveraging Agile Microservices for Big Data
Y. S.Corobot: When the Coronavirus Begin to Talk – AI Chatbot based on tweets about COVID-19

Session 2 / Friday, 25 September, 11:00-11:30

Cristina Marquez How Often Should I Slice My Network?
Elif Ak and Berk Canberk Data-Driven Networking: Service Forecasting in WiFi6
Enxhi Shkurta, Maria Ntemiri and Burak Karabulut The Impact of 5G network on Human
Habiba Akter Genetic Algorithm for Least Cost Routing in the Network
Valeria Valdes and Javiera Bermúdez Alegría Simulating Anomalous Events on Normal DNS Traffic Data
Zoya Pourmirza and Sara Walker Efficient Data Transmission for ICT of Energy Systems

Session 3 / Friday, 25 September, 15:00-16:00

Andreea Vantu and Anca Vasilescu e-UPU: Using Technology to Improve the Emergency Room Triage
Aytaj Aghabayli Software Runtime Data and Development Data Integration to Monitor External Quality
Chloe AllenBeing of Sound Mind: Predicting Emotional Responses to Noise
Federica Amato, Marianna Di Gregorio, Clara Monaco, Monica Sebillo, Genoveffa Tortora and Giuliana Vitiello The Therapeutic Use of Humanoid Robots for ADHD
Giorgiana Violeta Vlăsceanu A Voting Approach for Image Binarization of Text-based Documents
Giorgiana Violeta Vlăsceanu On Image Segmentation using a Combination of Felzenszwalb, Slic and Watershed Methods
Jessica Tapia Ethical Considerations made when Facing Implementation of Advanced Facial Recognition
Oleksandra Yeremenko, Maryna Yevdokymenko, Ievgeniia Kuzminykh and Anastasiia Kruhlova Cybersecurity Virtual Laboratory for Distance Learning
Paola Lecca A Computational Control Theory Approach to the Analysis of Virus-Host Interactome in Covid-19
Rahma Mukta, Hye-young Paik, Salil Kanhere and Qinghua Lu Secure Student Credential Sharing with Blockchains
Sabina Hajimuradova An Application of Number Theory to RSA Cryptosystem
Sidra Malik, Volkan Dedeoglu, Salil Kanhere and Raja Jurdak Trusting Blockchain Data in Supply Chains
Umbreen Sabir Mian and Robert Schöne Scalable Real Time Inefficiency Detection on HPC Systems
Yagub Aliyev and Narmin Aliyeva The Ultimate Challenge: Rethinking The 3x+1 Problem, Rational Numbers as Terms of Periodic Generalized Collatz’ Sequence

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