ADA University campus view of Buildings B and C.

Due to the global pandemic, womENcourage 2020 will run as an online virtual event to ensure health and welfare of our attendees. Check out the times and virtual venues for our activities, such as keynote speeches, poster presentations, career fair, hackathon and more. Traditionally womENcourage program includes three components, which we grouped in two 2-day segments: 

  • Conference (Day 1-2) with keynote speeches and panel discussions, workshops and tutorials, as well as poster presentations from student researchers.
  • Expo (Day 3-4) with Career Fair, where leading companies set up their booths and often arrange onsite hiring sessions, and Hackathon competition on one or more topics, usually inspired by industry.

The following draft program is subject to change closer to the event dates:

Day 1 / Thursday, 24 September

(UTC +4)
24 September, ThursdayDurationVirtual venueLisbon
(UTC +1)
10:30 Registration 00:30Information Desk (Sessions)07:30
11:00womENcourage 2020 Opening00:30Large Auditorium (Stage)08:00
11:30The Big Promise of Big Data Analytics03:00
11:30 Day 1 Keynote speeches
Data Science to Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic: the Valencia Case
Health Diagnostics through Audio Signals Collection and Analysis
Democratizing Data Access through Intelligent Data Exploration Tools
01:30Large Auditorium (Stage) 08:30
13:00 Day 1 Panel discussion01:30Large Auditorium (Stage) 10:00
15:00 Poster pitch presentations (12 x 5 minutes)01:00Large Auditorium (Stage) 12:00
16:00 How/Why to Start an ACM Chapter?01:00Large Auditorium (Stage) 13:00
17:00Break 01:0014:00
18:00Cultural program (Day 1 Tour)03:00Large Auditorium (Stage) 15:00

Day 2 / Friday, 25 September

(UTC +4)
25 September, FridayDurationVirtual venueLisbon
(UTC +1)
10:30 Registration00:30Information Desk (Sessions) 07:30
11:00Poster pitch presentations (6 x 5 minutes)00:30 Large Auditorium (Stage) 08:00
11:30The Artificial Intelligence: from Algorithms to Ethics 03:00
11:30Day 2 Keynote speeches
Teaching proficient human interaction to intelligent computer agents
Who Makes Wiser Decisions? Men, Women or Machines? (Cancelled)
Gender Fairness of Machine Learning Techniques
01:30Large Auditorium (Stage) 08:30
13:00Day 2 Panel discussion 01:30 Large Auditorium (Stage) 10:00
15:00Poster pitch presentations (12 x 5 minutes)01:00Large Auditorium (Stage) 12:00
16:00Introduction to Watson AI Services (Hackathon preparation session with IBM)01:30Large Auditorium (Stage) 13:00
18:00Cultural program (Day 2 Tour)03:00Large Auditorium (Stage) 15:00

Day 3 / Saturday, 26 September

(UTC +4)
26 September, Saturday DurationVirtual venueLisbon
(UTC +1)
10:00Registration 00:30Information Desk (Sessions) 07:00
10:30Career Fair02:30
10:30Career Fair Opening00:15Majlis Room (Stage) 07:30
10:45Open sessions01:15Karvansara Rooms (Expo) 07:45
12:00Individual interviews01:00Karvansara Rooms (Expo) 09:00
13:00Workshops and Tutorials07:30
13:00Parallel sessions:
Social Networks Analysis: Theory and Practice (Part 1)
How Can Software Help Mathematicians to Test and Prove Their Theories?
01:30Study Rooms (Sessions) 10:00
15:00Parallel sessions:
Social Networks Analysis: Theory and Practice (Part 2)
Sustainable ICT Development in Bricks
01:30Study Rooms (Sessions)12:00
16:30Break 00:3013:30
17:00Parallel sessions:
From Software Engineering to Digital Product Development
Search Engine: Apache Solr’s Feature – Streaming Expressions
01:30Study Rooms (Sessions)14:00
18:30Break 0:3015:30
19:00 Film sessions introduction0:10Majlis Room (Stage) 16:00
19:10Cultural program (Parallel documentary film sessions) 01:20Karvansara Rooms (Sessions) 16:10
21:00Cultural program (Feature film session)02:00Majlis Room (Stage)18:00

Day 4 / Sunday, 27 September

(UTC +4)
27 September, SundayDurationVirtual venueLisbon
(UTC +1)
10:00Registration00:30Information Desk (Sessions) 07:00
10:30Hackathon Opening00:30Majlis Room (Stage) 07:30
11:00Team meetings03:00Study Rooms (Sessions) 08:00
14:00Lunch break (this is important)01:0011:00
15:00Presentation tips00:30Majlis Room (Stage) 12:00
15:30Team meetings 02:30Study Rooms (Sessions) 12:30
18:00Team presentations (25 x 3 minutes)01:30Majlis Room (Stage) 15:00
19:30Judging break00:30Green Room (Sessions) 16:30
20:00Hackathon Awarding00:30Majlis Room (Stage)17:00
20:30 Closing 00:30Majlis Room (Stage) 17:30
21:00Cultural program (Feature film session) 02:00 Majlis Room (Stage) 18:00