Our Logo

Baku night view with the Maiden's Tower lightened.

Learn about the unique architectural monument and stories that served as an inspiration for this year’s womENcourage logo. The central element of the womENcourage 2020 logo is the Maiden Tower (Qız Qalası), which was included into the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List together with the Shirvanshah’s Palace that are part of the walled old city (İçərişəhər) of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

It is also a very fitting symbol for the nation who takes pride in being the heir of the first democratic parliamentary republic in the Muslim East, where women were granted the right to vote in 1918, before many Western democracies.

This uniquely shaped “most majestic and mysterious” architectural monument is central to many legends. There are different theories in regards to its purpose that suggest that Maiden Tower was built as a fire temple or lighthouse, an astronomical observatory or part of the city defense system. You may visit the museum situated in the tower and #ExperienceAzerbaijanLater with a special welcome pack offer for our international attendees.

Our logo is also is inspired by the coat of arms of the city of Baku with the characteristic flame on the top that refers to the Land of Fire, which is a poetic name of Azerbaijan, and waves on the bottom that represent the Caspian Sea. The clouds refer to the City of Winds, which is a poetic name of Baku.

Four colors are reference to four classical fundamental elements of earth, water, air, and fire. The logo uses colors of the national flag of Azerbaijan – the blue is a tribute to Turkic heritage, the red symbolizes democracy, progress and modernity, the green shows respect to Islamic tradition.

The original idea of the logo was conceptualized by designer Murad Taghizada, who is part of the local organizing team at ADA University. The womENcourage 2020 logo is designed in horizontal long, horizontal medium and vertical versions. You can download all of them in different formats here.

Take another 360º look from the top of the Maiden Tower at the heart of Baku’s medieval core, Icherisheher old inner city, a UNESCO-protected site surrounded by 12th-century walls.