Registration team at Ada's Legacy 2018.

You will need to register to be able to participate in all the event activities, including the conference, career fair and hackathon.


Registration for the 7th ACM Celebration of Women in Computing: womENcourage 2020 was open from here. Check out the opening dates and deadlines.

The event registration covers:

What is in registration packs?

There is a limited number of registration packs with nice promo products, including womENcourage 2020 polo shirt, pen and stickers. You will be able to pick yours from the ADA University. All paid participants will get their packs, priority will be given also to major contributors. The remaining packs will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. All active participants of online events will get electronic participation certificates.

You will be able to pick a pack from ADA University Welcome Center starting from 7 December 2020. Please check this page before visiting to see if there are still packs left. When visiting, don’t forget to bring your photo identification document e.g. national ID card.

What was the registration fee?

Different registration rates are defined for different groups of attendees:

Early Bird Standard
Student€27 €35
Student ACM Member €14 €25
Non-student€72 €92
Non-student ACM Member €44 €78
27 July –
31 August
1 September –
19 September

For more information please contact us at womencourage2020_registrations[at]