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Baku street in front of the Maiden's Tower.

We say #ExperienceAzerbaijanLater with a special welcome pack offer for our international attendees, courtesy of the Azerbaijan Convention Bureau. Register for the event and you will be provided with an e-conference welcome pack on your visit to Baku within a year.

Your Welcome Pack

This pack includes a destination brochure, promo materials, a box of traditional sweets, a voucher to attend a Baku City Tour and to visit Ateshgah Fire Temple and Yanardag State Historical, Cultural and Natural Reserve. This voucher will be valid throughout a year starting from September 2020 till the end of September 2021.

You will be able claim your welcome pack from the Tourism Information Center at the Baku airport upon your arrival. You will have to contact us at azcb[at] at least one week prior to the date you arrive in Baku so that we can facilitate the process.


For centuries the Ateshgah Fire Temple in the village of Surakhani has been attracting crowds of thrill seekers. Built in the 17th–18th centuries around naturally burning flames which were previously worshiped by Zoroastrians, the site was then an important place of pilgrimage for fire-worshiping Hindus until the 1880s. Today it houses a well-designed museum and is often coupled with a trip to nearby Yanardag, the Burning Mountain.


About 27 km from Baku, Yanardag reserve is located in the village of Mammadli on the Absheron Peninsula. The area of the reserve spans 64,55 hectares. The main attraction of Yanardag, which literally means “burning mountain”, is a spectacular hill with a constantly burning wall of flames. The Italian trader and traveler Marco Polo even mentioned the flames during his travels to Baku and its surroundings, but most probably the fire has been burning here for over 20,000 years. The larger Yanardag reserve offers more heritage sites such as an active mud volcano, a natural sulfur spring, the Girmaki valley and others which can be visited with one of the tourist guides.

The world has slowed down, but hope, love and laughter will continue. #TakeAnotherLook at the things that matter most now as the gems, discoveries, and stories of Azerbaijan are not going anywhere. When the time is right to explore, we’ll be right here waiting for you. #ExperienceAzerbaijanLater