Our Virtual Host

ADA University campus view of Buildings B.

This year’s womENcourage 2020 will be virtually hosted by ADA University in Baku, Azerbaijan. Due to the global pandemic, it will run as an online virtual event to ensure health and welfare of our attendees.

The campus facilities include Large Auditorium in the Building C that has a capacity to host some 250+ guests and is equipped with the latest audio visual and video conferencing technology. It was initially planned to be used for keynote speeches and panel discussions.

The Study Rooms of different sizes (80-person large, 40-person medium and 30-person small case study rooms) in Building B are suitable for running parallel workshops and tutorial sessions.

Karvansara Hall (Caravansara) on the ground floor in the Building A, which is traditionally one of the venues for the annual ADA University Career Week fair, would be the venue for the Career Fair.

We were planning to run our Hackathon in the Books and Bytes café and surrounding area on the -1 floor in the Building B, with Opening, Awarding and other general sessions at Majlis Room.

Make a virtual journey to ADA University Campus via our 360-degree Virtual Reality tour.

About ADA University

ADA University hosted many large events such as annual ADA International Education Conference with the 4th Conference held from 19-20 June 2019. We also hosted The 13th IEEE International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies AICT2019 from 23-25 October 2019. ADA University was also the host institution and main organizer of the 31st International Olympiad in Informatics IOI2019 held from 4-11 August 2019 in Baku with 88 delegations from all around the world.

ADA University was established under the presidential decree dated 13 January 2014. The University is the legal heir of the Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy (ADA), founded on 6 March 2006, and the Information Technologies University. It is a state higher education institution engaging in the delivery of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in addition to the advancement of research.

The School of Information Technologies and Engineering (SITE) was founded in 2013 with the vision to become a center of excellence in education and a hub of scientific research and discovery of global caliber in the region. Currently SITE offers three bachelor degree programs in Computer Science, Information Technology and Computer Engineering.