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Trondheim is easy to reach from many places in Europe by going through central hubs. There are direct flights from several international destinations in Europe, including international hubs such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm.

  • Over 20 daily flights from Oslo to Trondheim.
  • Train service from Oslo, including a night train.


  • 45 minutes flight Oslo-Trondheim.
  • 7 hours train Oslo-Trondheim.


  • About €100.00 for a return flight ticket Oslo-Trondheim with luggage (€60.00 with only hand-luggage)
  • About €200.00 direct for a return flight ticket from Amsterdam or Berlin to Trondheim
  • About €300.00 flight  for return ticket from Rome, Barcelona, or Prague

Local transport

To/From airport:

  • Flybuss: Frequent bus service from Airport Trondheim Værnes to Trondheim  . The flybuss is about a 45 minutes bus from Trondheim airport (Værnes) to city centre.  About €21.00 (249 NOK) for a one-way bus ticket with luggage and €17.00 (199 NOK) with hand luggage.
  • Train: An hourly train connection between the airport Trondheim Værnes to the Trondheim city center on weekdays and less frequently on Sundays. Tickets can be bought via Vy or AtB for about €4.00 (42 NOK)

Transportation in Trondheim city:

  • Bus (AtB): Busses drive frequently through the city centre and to campus throughout the day. €4.00 for 1,5 hour, €12.00 for 24 hours.
  • Taxi: About €15.00-20.00 from city centre to campus in the daytime.