Trondheim has many hotels, especially in the downtown area and prices (per day) are around 200 Euros. See and most hotels are within walking distance.

For your convenience, we have contacted nearby hotels and received offers for WomENcourage 2023 participants and attendees that you can claim by emailing or calling the contact information below. You must provide the reference number for the hotel you are contacting. Both hotels have the same price and breakfast is included.

To make a reservation, you need to provide a credit card for warranty or pay the whole stay through a safe payment. The hotel will give you detailed information when you book.

We have blocked a limited number of rooms, and you must book before the 30th of June 2023 to claim the offer. So make sure to book early.

The price is per night including breakfast is as follows:

Single room: 130€ (1320 nok)

Double room: 150€ (1520 nok)

Triple room: 173€ (1770 nok)

Four-bed room: 197€ (2020 nok)


Contact information and reference codes

Comfort Hotel Park
Reference – 1092GR005881
Tlf – +47 73 83 39 00
Quality Hotel Augustin
Reference – 1017GR008567
Tlf – +47 73 54 70 00

Tourist Office

Trondheim offers many activities and the local tourist office, Visit Trondheim ( supports the conference. Please visit their page for inspiration if you plan to visit Trondheim and the area of Trøndelag during your stay.