Health and Safety Regulations

For flight related information please visit:

Another source of flight related information is through the Re-open Europa website: and of course through the Cyprus Flight Pass website:

It is also important to note that as of 22nd November 2021, conference attendees will need to convert their SAFEPASS in the EU format as their validation will be done strictly through the use of the COVSCAN app (you do not need to download and use the app – this will be done by campus Health & Safety personnel once you reach the conference site, i.e. the University).

It is also worth noting that guests arriving from abroad can use their Cyprus Flight Pass as a SAFEPASS for a period of 7 days after their arrival to Cyprus. After that period all guests need to present a SAFEPASS in the EU format. Otherwise, they need to take rapid tests even if they are vaccinated.

In addition, the use of masks is mandatory in all University areas. Make sure that you bring your own masks with you.

Finally, a visitors Health & Safety leaflet with the key Health & Safety points is here