womENcourage 2022 workshops

… cover a variety of interesting topics this year!



LEARN ABOUT WOMEN AND COMPUTER SCIENCE CAREER in: Attracting, retaining, encouraging, and inspiring women to pursue a career in Computer Science – the case studies of Ada, Idun, Eugain: you will be introduced to the holistic approach of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology to attract, retain, encourage, and inspire women to pursue a career in Computer Science.

Organizer: Letizia Jaccheri (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Sept. 22nd, 13:30-14:30


DISCUSS ETHICS AND EQUITY IN ARTICIFIAL INTELLIGENCE in: Digital Leaders Roundtable Discussion on Ethics & Equity in AI: you will discuss the role AI plays in our world, how to apply an ethical lens to the way we use it, and ideate ways to ensure AI and future emerging technologies uphold equity and justice and meet the objectives of the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Organizer: Hannah Ballard (Digital Leaders)

Sept. 22nd, 15:30-16:30


UNDERSTAND WHERE ART MEETS ALGORITHMS in: Visual art and algorithms: you will write algorithmic instructions to create art and design while improving algorithmic outputs with artistic methods.

In recent years there has been a growing relationship between visual art and algorithmic structures, leading to the coinage of the term ‘algorithmic art’, but giving rise to a far wider range of opportunities as well as challenges. Some of the opportunities include the larger scale of design options coupled with repeatability which ensures that the human observer can develop a perceptive relationship with the algorithm-produced design patterns. Further, mathematical preciseness – which is the foundation for all algorithmic work – can be surprisingly found in unexpected objects and circumstances. However, it remains an open question what the exact nature of the relationship between art and algorithms is and whether and how algorithmic art preserves the concept of originality. In this workshop we aim to explore if and to what extent creative expression and mathematical precision are interlinked, or even necessary, in visual art. This workshop aims to further explore the history of algorithmic art and its impact on our daily lives across multiple sectors.

Organizer: Anna Bamberger (King’s College London)

Anna’s experience includes extensive cloud consulting, architecture, and security implementation within the Amazon Web Services Professional Services division, where she focused on the UK public health sector. A very significant contribution of hers includes building an innovative platform for the integration of genetic sequencing tool Hail to enable a fast and cost-efficient sequencing solution, navigating a complex architecture deployment as well as highly challenging big data computational requirements. Prior to AWS Anna worked with Nomura Insurance Solutions on building a non-negative equity forecast based on Black Scholes as well as preparing alternative asset sourcing solutions for a German client to anticipate a drop in solvency ratio due to expiring durations and low interest rates. Anna is a current EPSRC funded Ph.D. student at King’s College London, where her research focuses on automating the generation of access control policies with machine learning as well as exploring the ever more dynamic nature of access requests and categories, a development requiring a shift in the traditionally static nature of security control.

Sept. 22nd, 16:30-17:30


ENHANCE YOUR ENTREPRENEURSHIP SKILLS in: Skills for STEAM Entrepreneurship: you will have the chance to use the Business Model Canvas to create your own entrepreneurial idea, related to STEAM.

The workshop aims to encourage students to develop their entrepreneurial competences, not only STEAM skills. Through the workshop, students will use the Business Model Canvas to create their own entrepreneurial idea, which will be related to STEAM.

Organizers: Demetra Orthodoxou and Panayiota Sofokleous (Emphasys Centre)

Emphasys Centre is an ICT Training Centre, therefore offering courses and workshops is one of its specialities. In addition, in almost all Erasmus+ KA2 projects that Emphasys Centre is involved in (currently almost 80 projects), Emphasys is responsible to organize workshops for any kind of topic (social entrepreneurship, digital and soft skills, cultural awareness, media and financial literacy etc.) and for any group of people (students, young people, adult educators, professionals, refugees, seniors etc.)

Demetra Orthodoxou, as the Project Coordinator and an employee at Emphasys Centre for many years, has a large experience in organizing virtual and face-to-face workshops as well as trainings, especially in the field of STEAM and entrepreneurship. Throughout her experience, she has worked on many projects that focus on young people and their personal and professional development.

Panayiota Sofokleous has also experience in organizing workshops, especially in the fields such as entrepreneurship and the development of skills and works closely with young people and HE students. In fact, she works on the MENTORme project, an Erasmus+ KA2 project in HE in which UCLAN is also a partner.

Sept. 23rd, 11:00-12:00


Call for Workshops CLOSED

WomENcourage 2022 programme will include a selection of workshops aimed at increasing the participants’ knowledge, skills, and abilities to take action and achieve their goals. We welcome proposals for participatory workshops on topics related to:

Computer Science Research and Practice related to STEAM
STEAM related Skills and Professional Development
Global Issues and Challenges and how they relate to STEAM


Proposals should provide details about the workshop title, objectives, format, schedule and presenters, including the contact details, expertise and a track record of the workshop organizers.


  • Workshop title and description
  • Workshop Duration (1 hour or 2 hours)
  • Organizers names, affiliations, and contact details (phone and email)
  • Workshop theme and goals
  • Intended audience and prerequisites (reading material or training)
  • Expected outcomes and benefits for the participants
  • Description of the planned activities
  • Required facilities and resources
  • Funding plan, if resources are required
  • Short bio for each organizer and prior experience with organizing workshops

Workshops will be selected based on their:
▪ Potential to attract audience and provide intellectually stimulating engagement
▪ Quality of the proposed organization and delivery plan
▪ Fit to the programme and feasibility of supporting the proposed activities.
If multiple workshop proposals are received on the same or similar topics, the workshop organizers
may be encouraged to merge them.


Important Dates:

Proposals Submission Deadline: June 3rd, 2022

Notification Deadline: June 24th, 2022

Submission for Call for Participation Deadline: July 1st, 2022

Submission should be done by email at: womencourage2022_workshops@acm.org