Virtual conference format

This year’s womENcourage 2021 will adopt a virtual form, coordinated from Prague, Czech Republic. Yet, we encourage communities all around Europe to meet and share the conference in person. If you want to volunteer to organize a local get-together around womENcourage 2021 in your city or country, please contact Bara Buhnova <> to learn more.

The conference will happen in CEST timezone (local time in Prague). All keynotes, tech talks, panels, workshops and tutorials will be recorded (unless the speaker prefers otherwise) and available to those participants who chose a different parallel session or cannot attend due to a timezone shift.

Respecting all different expectations of our attendees, people from academia, business and policy sector, we prepared very rich content in multiple parallel sessions allowing everyone to find what they need and ensured many virtual meeting and discussion points, bringing a community together.

Day 1 starts with the tech and growth workshops and tutorials on your choice. Then you will hear from the keynote speakers and specialists in their tech talks and panel discussions followed by organized networking and ask me anything session featuring some of our most inspiring speakers in an open interaction with you, without a prescribed agenda.

Day 2 is open to meetups allowing participants to build spontaneous bridges in between communities as well as other optional workshops and tutorials. The program will continue with keynote talks, partners’ presentations and career fair, in parallel with poster lighting talks. The end of the day will belong to the panel discussion and related ask me anything session.

Day 3 is about collaboration, engagement, and connection. A hackathon, career fair, roundtable discussions, industry panel with our partners, and academic panel discussion are taking place. 

During all three days you can join the individual interactions or browse the catalogue.

The following draft program is subject to change closer to the event date. Please mind that the schedule is in CEST timezone ,therefore, the attendance is suitable for the EMEA (i.e. Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region.

Sign up for a “Ask me anything” sessions

Within the Ask me anything sessions, we feature some of our most inspiring speakers in an open interaction with you, without prescribed agenda. Your questions decide where the discussion will be going – whether it be the best and worst decisions in their career/life; insiders point of view on how it feels to be working in a certain company or in certain academic position; their tips and tricks on work-life balance; or the advices they would give to their younger self. Any inspiring participant can self-nominate for an Ask me anything session (submitting their bio). The number of time slots is limited, but we will strive for as colorful composition as possible.

⦿ Keynotes and Panels

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