The logo of womENcourage™ 2021 brings several ideas into one picture. The theme of the conference, bridging communities to foster innovation, is represented by layering the architectural structures, which together form a beautiful composition, while each separately would be very plain. This shows that connection multiplies the power of each community, creating something bigger than the sum of its parts. 

Furthermore, the frontal architectural element is one of the oldest European bridges – Charles Bridge – which is again referencing the theme of bridging communities. In the visual, you can also find several other features of Prague, such as the Vltava River or towers and roofs, referring to the nickname of Hundred-Towered Prague.

The rising sun above the city, having symbolic elements resembling a girl, is also used in the logo of Czechitas, the Czech non-profit organization (organizing the conference) encouraging and empowering women and other talents on their way to tech. This symbol has over time became a symbol of women empowerment in tech in the Czech Republic.

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