Poster Presentations

Join poster presentations to learn about interesting research done by other students, researchers and practitioners from all around the world. Within the process, 38 posters submitted by the authors representing 26 countries from all continents except Antarctica were reviewed, with 27 posters accepted to the conference program.

Session 1 – Security and AI / Wednesday, 22 September, 10:45-11:30 CEST


  • #5 Investigation of a Secure Flow-Based Routing Model Using Information Security Risks 

Authors: M. Yevdokymenko, A. Shapovalova, M. Shapoval
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #19 Data Security on the Ground: Investigating Technical and Legal Requirements under the GDPR 

Authors: T. Marjanov, M. Konstantinou, M. Jozwiak, D. Spagnuelo
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #27 The Impact of Release-based Training on Software Vulnerability Prediction Models

Authors: G. Sellitto, F. Ferrucci
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #87 Credential-based Trust Management in Self Sovereign Identity 

Authors: R. Mukta, H. Paik, Q. Lu, S. Kanhere
Extended abstract / Poster

Artificial Intelligence

  • #9 Thank you for your trust, I will now take over your vision 

Authors: M. van Noordenne, E. Stolk
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #42 Explainable Artificial Intelligence: Human-centered Perspective 

Authors: H. Kopecka
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #58 A case study of applying machine learning models to Drought Prediction 

Authors: A. COROIU, A. CĂLIN
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #65 Unsupervised Online Memory-free Change-point Detection using an Ensemble of LSTM-Autoencoder-based Neural Networks

Authors: Z. Atashgahi, D. Mocanu, R. Veldhuis, M. Pechenizkiy
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #44 Using immersive VR to explore individual differences in visual processing styles 

Authors: S. Savickaite, N. McDonnell, D. Simmons
Extended abstract / Poster

Session 2 – Biomedical, Applied Computing, Education, Academia and Industry / Wednesday, 22 September, 11:45-12:30 CEST


  • #17 SeneCare. Supporting epidemiological surveillance with a digital system at Universidad de los Andes

Authors: A. Mojica-Hanke, M. Linares-Vásquez, C. Jaller, G. Otalora-Gonzalez, A. Ostos
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #59 Decentralized distributed data structure for bioanalytical laboratory setups

Authors: K. Ashraf, Y. Le Moullec, T. Pardy
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #62 Decomposition Algorithms for the Dissection of Tissue Samples 

Authors: M. Buchin, L. Selbach
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #63 The BioVisualSpeech speech therapy games platform

Authors: S. Martins, S. Cavaco
Extended abstract / Poster

Applied Computing 

  • #48 IoT-based system to impact the poor indoor air quality 

Authors: K. Kerekes, A. Vasilescu
Extended abstract / Poster

Education, Academia & Industry

  • #91 How could second-level schools present a better image of STEM2D to their current students? How can the availability of STEM2D subjects be improved in second-level schools? 

Authors: S. Carey, J. Doohan, B. Gherbezan, E. McWey, C. Sookarry
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #12 Towards Managing and Organizing Research Activities

Authors: A. Kaplan, H. Hajiabadi, M. Mazkatli, L. Schmid, S. Singh, M. Rapp, S. Ananieva, R. Kuehn
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #33 A Marketplace for Industrial Case Studies in Software Engineering 

Authors: K. Borowa, M. Wiese, D. Tamzalit, C. Allen, A. Singjai
Extended abstract / Poster

Session 3 – Gender in STEM, HCI and others / Thursday, 23 September, 11:45-12:30 CEST

Gender in STEM

  • #32 Using databases to improve the visibility of women’s contributions in STEM fields 

Authors: C. Botella-Mascarell, E. López-Iñesta, S. Rueda, A. Forte, E. de Ves, X. Benavent
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #83 Identifying the Prevalence of Gender Biases among the Computing Organizations 

Authors: S. Sultana, L. Cavaletto, A. Bosu
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #85 Gender differences in privacy awareness on social networking sites 

Authors: L. Nemec Zlatolas, T. Welzer
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #90 WiSTEM2D Abstract 

Authors: A. Manalo, C. Caffrey, E. Aliu, I. Kamil, J. Oo
Extended abstract / Poster

Human-Computer Interaction

  • #7 Digital Technologies and Gendered Positioning. Tensions and attention in relation to bridging gender norms, education systems and pedagogical professions 

Authors: A. Tyrrestrup, E. Penthien
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #29 Enriching user experience for in-car interactions using e-textiles 

Authors: P. Khorsandi
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #38 1001 Nights – An text-based open-domain narrative game enabled by GPT-2 

Authors: Y. Sun
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #47 FeSTEM community platform: creating meaningful, mentoring relationships with experts in STEM 

Authors: G. Pallaris, A. Parmaxi, I. Christou
Extended abstract / Poster


  • #16 Research and Development of Improved Routing Mechanism with Load Balancing in Communication Network 

Authors: O. Lemeshko, A. Kruhlova, A. Zhuravlova, O. Yeremenko
Extended abstract / Poster

  • #22 Affine automata verifiers 

Authors: A. Khadieva, A. Yakaryilmaz
Extended abstract / Poster