Conference Theme: Bridging Communities to Foster Innovation

In an increasingly technology-driven world and a rapidly changing economic environment, computing field’s innovation and creativity cannot be cherished to its full potential if it is formed by homogeneous expertise, represented unevenly only by a fraction of the population. To foster innovation, we shall stop compartmentalizing scientific progress by disciplines, and encourage innovation across boundaries. 

This year’s ACM womENcourage™ 2021 is celebrating all attempts to bridge communities to foster innovation. We are celebrating bridges built across boundaries of disciplines, boundaries between industry and academia, as well as boundaries among homogeneous communities, inviting individuals of all genders, nationalities and ages to co-create together.

We invite all participants to contribute to the program of the womENcourage™ 2021 celebration through posters, workshops and tutorials, panel discussions as well as inspiring keynote talks on any topic expanding the computing innovation via fusion with other disciplines and communities, together with insights on empowering individuals from underrepresented groups within the computing community, especially women but not only them, and celebrate the diverse talent they are bringing.

Please note that womENcourage does not publish proceedings, instead it makes the contributions available at the conference website to promote the visibility of the presented work


Posters provide womENcourage™ participants with an opportunity to present their work, benefit from insightful feedback and discussion, exchange knowledge and establish collaborations.

We welcome poster submissions from all areas of computer science and computational sciences. As the theme of this year is “Bridging Communities to Foster Innovation” we would like to encourage the authors to stress in their submissions:

  • The connecting nature of their work (e.g., bridging different scientific disciplines or sub communities within computer science, academia and industry, researchers from different countries or institutions).
  • The innovative character of their work (e.g., new research achievements, new applications of existing technology in industry/society).

Find more information and instructions at the Submit your Poster webpage.

Extended abstracts (and optionally posters) dueMay 1, 2021
Notification of accepted postersJune 1, 2021
Final extended abstracts and posters dueJune 30, 2021

Workshops and Tutorials

We welcome proposals for workshops and tutorials on topics related to the conference theme, i.e. on any topic expanding the computing innovation via fusion with other disciplines and communities, as well as on empowering diverse individuals within the computing community. Workshops and tutorials provide our participants with an opportunity to gain some knowledge and practical skills from selected experts, who share their experience with the audience.

Find more information and instructions at the Workshops and Tutorials webpage. 

Proposals dueMay 1, 2021
Notification of accepted proposals June 1, 2021
Final details dueJune 30, 2021


We invite all attendees to join a hackathon to learn, build and share their creations in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you have majored in computer science or are coming from a different discipline, the hackathon brings you together to foster creativity. At the one-day-long womENcourage™ 2021 hackathon you can use your technical and non-technical skills to bring your ideas connected to the theme of the conference to life and win amazing prizes.

Find more information and instructions at the Hackathon webpage.

Registration (to join hackathon) opensJuly 22, 2021
Early registration (to join hackathon) due August 31, 2021
Late registration (to join hackathon) dueSeptember 13, 2021
Team composition publishedSeptember 15, 2021


Together with our supporters we are proud to announce scholarships to a number of students, who present posters or participate in the hackathon at womENcourage™ 2021. A small number of scholarships will be offered to students who do not contribute to the program actively, but have shown exceptional interest in the relevant fields.

Find more information and instructions at the Scholarship webpage.

Scholarship applications openMay 1, 2021
Scholarship applications dueJune 10, 2021
Notification of accepted scholarshipsJuly 10, 2021


Participants of all parts of the program need to register. Different fees are available, together with an option to apply for a Scholarship.

Registration openJune 1, 2021
Early registrations dueAug 10, 2021
Late registrations dueSeptember 10, 2021
Last minute registration dateSeptember 22, 2021

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