Five Reasons Why to Join

Although virtual, the conference will preserve the touch of Prague. In connection to the theme, Bridging communities to foster innovation, it is noteworthy to say that Prague has 17 bridges across the Vltava river and 300+ bridges across the town itself. It is a city that offers multiple paths to the world itself and many opportunities to find your own way. 

Prague is a testament for perservering knowledge through times of chaos and rebirth, while inspiring creations and innovations for the ages to come. Prague has always been a city of science and innovative engineering, already 500 years ago being the center of the world in astronomy. Till these days, Prague is a city of innovation, engineering, design and creativity. A city with a history of inclusion, diversity, representations, always with an eye for the future. 

Join the womENcourage 2021:

  • For inspiration and connection: Continue building the future of opportunity. Get inspired by the leading figures in computing, many of which are women. Inspire others and build connections. Find your voice among a diverse community of early-career to mid-career or transition to new directions (retired / returning) colleagues. Pave the way for cooperation by meeting and connecting with like-minded individuals and top minds in your field. 
  • For challenge and validation: Challenges are important parts of life that shape us. Learn to understand the value of your ideas and push them from the drawing board into reality. Continue growing your personal self – esteem and appreciating the ideas you bring to the table. 
  • For encouragement and support: We all have faced struggles and obstacles and at one point or another have not always seen the best in ourselves. If you feel like you could use a bit of help from others in your area of expertise, this is a conference for you. After all, #womENcourage embeds the support in the title itself. 
  • For purpose: Research/poster sessions that represent social impact to challenges facing our communities and the world. Join or start projects that might bring breakthrough progress to our society.
  • For opportunity: Women in computing across sectors are making change real and possible across a changing business, policy, and cultural landscape. From employment to partnerships to investment, learn what’s happening around the world and how you can grow opportunities for yourself, your company, and your networks.