About womENcourage

womENcourage™ is an ACM Celebration of Women in Computing, was initiated by ACM-W Europe and aimed at connecting women from diverse technical disciplines and encouraging them to pursue their education and profession in computing.

It brings together undergraduate and graduate students, researchers, academics and engineers from Europe and beyond, to present and share their achievements and experiences and discuss pressing issues of women in the computing profession.

womENcourage 2021 is to be held in Prague, Czech Republic.

The slogan of the event this year is Bridging Communities to Foster Innovation. In an increasingly technology-driven world and a rapidly changing economic environment, computing field’s innovation and creativity cannot be cherished to its full potential if it is formed by homogeneous expertise, represented unevenly only by a fraction of the population. To foster innovation, we shall stop compartmentalizing scientific progress by disciplines, and encourage innovation across boundaries.

Past Events

Previous womENcourage conferences were in Baku, Azerbaijan (2020, virtually) with the slogan “The Equation Has Two Sides”, Rome, Italy (2019) “Diversity Drives Societal Change”, Belgrade, Serbia (2018) “Creating the Future Together”, Barcelona, Spain (2017), Linz, Austria (2016) “Crossing Borders”, Uppsala, Sweden (2015), and Manchester, United Kingdom (2014).