Panel 1: Smart Cities

When: September 17th, Tuesday, h 11:30-12.30

Where: Auditorium

Abstract: How ICT Technologies will change our lives in Smarter Cities

This panel will provide the space for discussing some of the emerging use of ICT innovations to improve our lives in the context of smart cities. Researchers and innovator will present in short visionary talks challenges and opportunities associated to the introduction in smart cities of novel technologies such as autonomous driving, 5G, electric cars, Internet of Things, and will foster brainstorming on how ICT technologies can support safety, sustainability and the implementation of circular economy strategies. The floor will then be open to discussion with the audience. Attendees will be able to ask questions both on technical aspects and on the methodology and experience of innovating in the area. The panel and the interaction with the speakers will be coordinated by Marco Merola,  science journalist.

Panel CoordinatorMarco Merola


  • Chiara Petrioli, Un. of Rome La Sapienza and WSense srl
  • Debora Maggia and Annalisa Sabatelli, Pininfarina
  • Carla Fabiana Chiasserini, Politecnico di Torino
  • Beatrice Lamonica, Accenture



Panel 2: Internet of Underwater Things

When: September 18th, Wednesday, h 15:00-16.00

Where: Auditorium

Abstract: TDB

Panel CoordinatorTDB

Panelists: TDB