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womENcourage 2015 panels aim at bringing together researchers and practitioners in the field of Computer Science and related fields to provide a platform for undergraduate and graduate students to exchange with and learn from the panelists. Discussions can cover a variety of subjects such as career development, mentoring, work life balance, creation of startups or technical subjects. Panels can take various formats, including a short introduction of the panel, followed by questions and answers; or short presentations by three to four panelists, followed by an interactive dialogue among the panelists and the audience members.


We are pleased to present the following panels at womENcourage 2015:

Panel 1: Teaching and Learning 3.0

The classical image of education—a teacher writing on a blackboard in front of a class—has become outdated. Innovative technologies, such as augmented reality, tangible interaction, and tabletops, promise richer interactions and more engagement in education and learning. Technology has also led to the creation of online learning and massive open online courses (MOOCs), which allow people everywhere in the world to access any courses taught from anywhere. In this panel, experts working on different interactive educational systems will present their approach and discuss the possibilities and the risks associated to these new learning opportunities. This panel will also provide a space to discuss challenges and future avenues for such interactive educational systems.

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Panel 2: Open Source as a Career Path

This panel consists of panelists who have first-hand experience in the positive benefits of open source involvement as part of one's career path. While they are all engaged in the same open source project, their careers vary: management, entrepreneurship, development, documentation, and academia. Participants will have the opportunity to learn how one gets started with an open source community, what benefits they can gain, how to apply those benefits to their own career path, and the advantages of continued involvement even after one's career is well underway.

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Panel 3: Out of the ordinary jobs after a CS degree

This panel is designed to inspire womENcourage attendees by showing them the broad range of career options that they have with a computer science (CS) degree. We expect to broaden the attendees’ horizons when thinking about future jobs by having a panel composed of successful and inspiring panelists, who have either chosen an unusual career path or who have found a very interesting field to focus on. The panelists will be coming both from academia and industry to bring different perspectives to the panel. Students often think that a degree in computer science opens the door to programming and other IT jobs, but rarely know about the whole range of options that is available to them. We expect that this panel will inspire students and other attendees to seek their own path in the career, keeping in mind the exciting opportunities that exist and that they can work toward.

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25 January 2015
8 February 2015
panel proposals due
15 March 2015 notification of accepted panels