Red Chair

Sometimes you have to sit down to take a stand.

You think there’s a need for more women in computing and IT? You feel the value of women’s technical contributions should be recognized? You think women should be encouraged to stay in computing and make a difference?

Then why don’t YOU start making a difference? For this, we’re inviting you to sit. Sit down on the red chair. Sit down to take a stand. The Sit With Me campaign welcomes you to validate and recognize the important role women play in creating future technology by taking a small but symbolic action: sit in a red chair and share your story. Pull up a chair and listen to stories from others: men, women, technical and non-technical, as they sit in the red chair. This Fall, we are taking the red chair to the ACM womENcourage 2015 conference in Uppsala, Sweden. Come along and join us in promoting women in computing and IT!