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Fritillaria meleagris. Photo: Olof Ekström 2006 (user OlofE), location Kungsängen, Uppsala, Sweden.

The flower in the womENcourage 2015 logo is Fritillaria meleagris, commonly called the snake's head fritillary, or the chequered lilly. The flower is native to Europe, and popular with gardeners, but is rarely found in the wild. Nevertheless, in the spring time it blooms in large numbers in a meadow called Kungsängen, immediately south of Uppsala. The field boasts the largest population of chequered lillies in all of the North. This meadow gives the flower its Swedish name: kungsängslillja, or "lilly of King's meadow"; while the flower's scientific name is due to Uppsala University's most famous professor, the Swedish botanist Carl Linnæus.

The chequered lilly is the official flower of the county of Uppland, where Uppsala is located. Unnoficially, it serves as a popular symbol of the city, and figures prominently in local folklore.

The womENcourage 2015 logo, the chequered lilly design, and the Uppsala skyline design are copyright Joseph Scott, and are used with permission.