Call for Panels

Deadline extended: The new deadline to submit a panel proposal is 8 February 2015.

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The womENcourage events are celebrations of European women in computing. The 2015 edition is designed to promote technical research, showcase achievements of women in computing, and provide the participants with networking opportunities, a career fair and a place to discuss issues that affect women in computing. The event is presented by ACM’s Committee on Women in Europe (ACM-WE).

womENcourage 2015 Panels aim at bringing together researchers and practitioners in the field of Computer Science and related fields to provide a platform for undergraduate and graduate students to exchange with and learn from the panelists. Discussions can cover a variety of subjects such as career development, mentoring, work life balance, creation of startups or technical subjects. Panels can take various formats, including a short introduction of the panel, followed by questions and answers; or short presentations by three to four panelists, followed by an interactive dialogue among the panelists and the audience members.

Organizing a panel

Panels are composed of an organizer and up to four panelists. Either the organizer or one of the panelists will act as moderator for the panel. The organizer is responsible for the panel’s topic, choice of panelists, moderator, logistics and final outcome. The moderator will be animating the debate and panelists are in charge of the content and discussion. The following is an outline of the submission and organization process:

  1. Panel organizers submit a proposal (2 to 3 pages long using the following template), which is reviewed by a committee and is either accepted or rejected. Notification about the decision is sent to the organizer by 15 March 2015.
  2. If a panel is accepted, the organizer is responsible for the logistics and confirming with panelists. They will be supported in this process by the Panel Chairs.

Number of panelists

Panels can have up to four panelists. The moderator - who may be the organizer or one of the panelists - can contribute to the discussion by expressing personal experience and opinion during the panel, although the moderators main role is to animate the discussion. Diverse organizations and perspectives need to be represented on panels.

Presentation Time

45 mins

Panel selection process

The review committee is responsible for selecting the panels for the conference. They will consider several factors during the selection process, including:

  • The potential for the topic of the panel to generate stimulating discussions and useful results.
  • The organizers’ ability to demonstrate in the proposal a well-organized process and plan for the panel that fosters interactivity.
  • A choice of panelists that promises a rich discussion.
  • The overall balance of topics in the program.

If multiple panel proposals are received on the same or similar topics, panel chairs may encourage panel organizers to merge them.

Travel funding

womENcourage is not able to support travel expenses for the organizer and the panelists. We encourage you to seek funding from your institution or local funding sources. You can find some resources about scholarships on the womENcourage Scholarship page.

Submission Procedures for Panels

Length of submissions: Please submit a 150 word abstract and a 2 to 3 pages proposal. The proposals should be within the 3-page limit and can make use of the panel template as an example of the sections to include. The provided template is here as a starter and you are welcome to add sections as you see fit.

Submission website: Panels should be submitted electronically via EasyChair

Panel submissions deadline (extended!): 25 January 2015 8 February 2015 (23:59 GMT)

Notification of panel acceptance: 15 March 2015

Panel chairs

Dr. Anke Brock, INRIA Bordeaux, France

Dr. Jessica Cauchard, Stanford University, USA