Guide to a Successful Poster Submission

Posters form an important part of the conference programme. Thus, time has been allotted for all participants to view them. Submitting a poster to the ACM-W Europe’s womENcourage 2015 Celebration of Women in Computing will give authors/you the opportunity to:

  • Share and discuss your ideas and work at an international event, which can act as a stimulus for eventual publications,
  • Gain experience in submitting and presenting posters, and
  • Network and collaborate with peers.

It is therefore essential to consider how you are going to deliver your message effectively, both during the submission of the poster and its presentation. In the following we provide you with some advice to reach this goal.


The review of the posters will be based on originality and quality of work. Therefore, you must emphasise, motivate, and support your contribution.

  • Think carefully about your message and how you want to convey it via your poster abstract and presentation. Remember that you have a limited space, so you must decide on the most important aspects to present.
  • Your contribution should be made clear in the abstract as well as in the submission itself. You should provide sufficient data and well-supported arguments, explain what analyses were made and why, cite relevant work, and cover the important issues at the appropriate level of detail.
  • As the event attendees will be from many different fields within computing, submissions should introduce the area in which the work is framed and should emphasize the originality and importance of the contribution.


Clarity and Precision
  • Try to write clearly and concisely, avoid jargon, organise the submission to flow logically and smoothly, provide the right level of detail, and make good use of figures to support the text.
  • Try to be precise and concise: it should be easy to grasp your main contribution quickly.
  • Submit your poster to the “two-minute test” with friends unfamiliar with your work. Ask them if they can, after a two-minute review, grasp the basics of your work and accurately summarize your core message.
  • Ask a native English speaker to proof-read your abstract and poster before you submit them. If this is not possible, carefully read (and re-read) your abstract and poster before submitting them.
  • Avoid long, complex sentences as well as regional colloquialisms that may confuse some participants.
Visual Guidelines

A poster is not just a standard research paper stuck to a board. It should express your points in graphical terms.

  • Use a short primary title, followed if necessary by a longer subtitle. If possible, word the title to attract the conference participants into looking at the poster.
  • Avoid long, all-inclusive titles: the title succinct, focusing on your message and highlighting the outcome of your work. In addition, avoid titles written entirely in uppercase as they are harder to read.
  • Think of your audience as non-experts and keep in mind that they will only be able to remember a few key points about your work.
  • Draw the visual attention of your viewer using stimulating images and illustrations.
  • Arrange content logically; either top to bottom OR left to right.

Advertising your Research

The womENcourage 2015 Celebration of Women in Computing is designed to promote technical research, showcase achievements of women in computing, and provide the participants with networking opportunities, a career fair and a place to discuss issues that affect women in computing.

  • Use your poster as a means to maximise the benefits of such an event and to engage effectively with participants.
  • Stay beside your poster during the allocated viewing times in order to engage with participants and answer any questions they may have about your work.
  • Feel free to add any contact details to your poster if you are happy for participants to contact you during or after the event. We also recommend to include the authors’ pictures in the poster to make it easier for participants to identify them during the event.

Other Useful Tips

  • A poster board will be provided for you on arrival to the conference. When picking up your conference materials you will be given a poster number specifying your allocated space.
  • Please bring enough Velcro (hook) to attach your poster to the board.
  • You are responsible for displaying your poster and taking it down at the end of the conference.
  • If you would like to display leaflets, notices etc. on your board you are free to do so but we ask that all information is attached and confined to your poster area only.
  • The preferred poster size is AO: 32.7 x 45.4 inches 83.0 x 115.4 cm
  • Please ensure your poster does not exceed the poster board dimensions; 1m wide x 2m high.
  • The poster should be displayed as portrait.
  • The author is responsible of printing and bringing the poster to the conference. You may wish to construct your poster yourself or have it professionally printed in which case please remember to leave sufficient time to have this done.
  • Any update or additional information about poster submission will be directly posted on the Web site.

We look forward to receiving your poster submission!