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01 March 2014, Manchester, UK

Panel: “What can you do to change the world?”

Chair:  Lynda Hardman

Lynda Hardman ( is Information Theme Coordinator at CWI (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica) and professor by special appointment of Multimedia Interaction at the University of Amsterdam. Her industrial experience with hypertext authoring tools led to the development of a document model that combines time-dependent media (such as video sequences) with hyperlinks. She was a member of the W3C working group that developed the first SMIL recommendation. With the emergence of linked data, she has researched improving information exploration in the ‘linked data cloud' and investigates ways to support users in accessing and exploring non- textual information. She is a board member of Informatics Europe ( where she chairs the working group on women in informatics.

Panelist: Luz Rello

Luz Rello is a PhD student in computer science at University Pompeu Fabra and co-founder of the Cookie Cloud team. She holds a degree in Linguistics and a MSc in Natural Language Processing. The applications that integrate her research results, such as the IDEAL eBook reader or the game Dyseggxia for children with dyslexia have tens of thousands of downloads. In 2013, she obtained the European Young Researchers' Award for her work on applying technology for dyslexia. She is an invited expert in the Research and Development Working Group of the Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C). The game Dyseggxia recently has won the first prize of Vodafone Foundation Mobile for Good Europe Awards 2013.

Panelist:  Jessa Lingel

Jessa Lingel is a post doctoral research fellow at Microsoft Research New England, working with the Social Media Collective. She received her PhD in communication and information from Rutgers University. She has an MLIS from Pratt Institute and an MA from New York University. Her research interests include information inequalities and technological distributions of power.

Panelist: Flora Tasse

Flora Tasse  is a PhD student at the Computer Laboratory at University of Cambridge, originally from Cameroon. She specializes in Computer Graphics and she has worked on crowd simulation of virtual pedestrians, texture-based terrain generation on GPU and sketch-based terrain editing. As part of her PhD she is now looking at 3D shape retrieval from partial data. She is an advocate for more women in Computer Science and hope to see more girls, privileged and underprivileged, make an impact in the discipline. More details at ~fp289/


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