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01 March 2014, Manchester, UK

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Adilet Kachkeev, Buket Yuksel, Alptekin Kupcu and Oznur Ozkasap InterLocal: Integrity and Replication Guaranteed Locality-based Peer-to-Peer Storage System Poster
Adriana González-Rodríguez and George Panoutsos Data-driven modeling of Friction Stir Welding Poster
Andrea Rosales, Sergio Sayago and Josep Blat Wearable Sounds, a playful accessory to encourage free-play Poster
Andrea Zaccara Low Cost Cloud Computing: An Alternative to Existing Solutions Poster
Antigoni Parmaxi Framing the Use of Social Technologies towards Social Constructionism Poster
Archana Nottamkandath Can we have trustworthy digital curators? Poster
Arezoo Vejdanparast and Ali Karami "Optimization of Cluster Head Rotation in Self- Organizing Wireless Sensor Networks" Poster
Beata Turonova, Lukas Marselek, Tomas Davidovic and Phillip Slusallek "Progressive Stochastic Reconstruction Technique for Cryo Electron Tomography" Poster
Chen Wang, Pablo César, Erik Geelhoed, Ian Biscoe and Phil Stenton Sensing Audience Response – Beyond One Way Streaming of Live Performances Poster
Christine Marshall, James Cruickshank and Colm O’Riordan Social Network Analysis of Clustering in Random Geometric Graphs Poster
Claudia Elena Chirit¸a* A Structured-Specification Approach to Descriptive Complexity Poster
Collette Curry Conversational Agent to increase SWB and improve memory in older adults Poster
Cristina Muñoz and Pierre Leone Design of an Information Brokerage System for Wireless Sensor Networks Poster
Dana Akhmetova and Ivy Bo Peng Investigating Message Passing and PGAS Programming Models for the Exascale Era Poster
Deha Nemutlu Cambazoglu and Virginia Grande The Internet of Things at Home: Sensors to Find Your Missing Keys Poster
Donia Badawood and Jo Wood Evaluation of Storytelling in Information Visualization Poster
Eugenia Pushkova, German Grekhov and UGENE team NGS analysis methods in UGENE bioinformatics platform Poster
Eva Carmina Serrano Balderas, Laure Berti-Equille, Armienta Hernández and Corinne Grac Impacts of Data Quality on Environmental Analysis: Application to Mexican Rivers Pollution Poster
Farideh Jalalinajafabadi Automatic Assessment of Voice Signals According to the GRBAS Scale Poster
Hadassa Daltrophe Probabilistic Connectivity Threshold for Directional Antenna Widths Poster
Ildiko Pete and Dharini Balasubramaniam A Framework for Maintaining Artefact Consistency during Software Development Poster
Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas Animal Computer Interaction Design Poster
Jekaterina Novikova Artificial Emotions in Human-Robot Collaboration Poster
Jennifer D. Warrender and Phillip Lord The Karyotype Ontology: A computational representation for human cytogenetic patterns Poster
Jia Lin,Christian Horn and Fiona Lawless A Design Calculus for Structured Data Poster
Joana Campos Modelling Con?ict for Socially Intelligent Agents Poster
Kavin Preethi Narasimhan and Graham White Simulating Agent Clusters Resembling Human Conversational Groups Poster
Laura Ureche Automatic Software Quality Assurance Poster
Maria Gaci and George Eleftherakis Fairy-tale NIMaH, a digital educational tool for girls of age 3-6 years old Poster
María González-García, Lourdes Moreno and Paloma Martínez Integration of Accessibility Requirements in the Design of Multimedia User Agents Interface Poster
Maria Granados Buey and Angel L. Garrido Combining NLP and semantics to support a query expansion system Poster
Maria Taramigkou Exploiting social chatter to support inspiration and serendipitous discoveries Poster
Marta Piekarska Hide me if you can. Location Blurring onFxOS Poster
Marie Farrell An approach to Integrating Software Models via Refinement Poster
Marie-Therese Walter, Alessandra Gorla and Christian Hammer Semantic Detection of Drive-by Attacks in a Browser Poster
Nargis Bibi OFDM clipping distortion compensation using the Equation-Method Poster
Nayyab Zia Naqvi, Davy Preuveneers and Yolande Berbers Quality-driven Probabilistic Models for Decision Support in Ambient Assisted Living Poster
Nikolina Frid and Vlado Sruk Longest parallel path mapping algorithm for heterogeneous MPSoCs Poster
Oshrat Ayalon and Eran Toch Eternal Sunshine? Longitudinal Privacy in Online Social Networks Poster
Sena Efsum Cebeci A Simulation Tool for Frequent Items Discovery in P2P Networks Poster
Shehla Khalid Designing a Data Warehouse for Dementia Care Mapping (DCM) for Monitoring and Improving Quality of Dementia Care Poster
Shaza Hanif and Tom Holvoet How about working in Teams? Delegate MAS and Coalitions Poster
Susan M.Ferreira, Sergio Sayago and Josep Blat Understanding Older People use of iTV Poster
Ulyana Tikhonova Model Transformations and Event-B for Specifying an Industrial DSL Poster
Virginia Grande A Taste of Democracy in Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) Poster
Yanja Dajsuren Evaluating Quality of Automotive Architectural and Design Models Poster
Zoya Pourmirza and John M. Brooke Energy Efficient ICT in the Smart Electrical Grid Poster


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