What problem can you solve with your coding skills? What about that app you always wanted to develop? We are kick-starting the womENcourage 2018 conference with a one-day-long hackathon, where you can use your coding skills to bring your ideas to life.

We are now seeking project proposals related to design and development (e.g. a mobile app, website or a hardware prototype) in areas of your interest or social problems (e.g.  poverty, democracy, ecology) that you wish to solve using latest technologies (e.g. Blockchain, IoT, machine learning).

Please use this form to propose your ideas by 20th July 2018.  

If you would like to participate as a mentor or become a sponsor for the hackathon, or have any project proposal related questions, please feel free to contact acm_w_europe_hackathon@acm.org.


Supporters for the Hackathon

During the event, participants will be supported by mentors from Belgrade Institute of Technology.

We invite industrial partners and open source organizations to participate and support us in the event in the following ways:

    1. Sponsors – You can provide swag for all participants (e.g. stickers) and prizes for the winners. Sponsors will be advertised on the womencourage website and all marketing materials. Sponsors will also be eligible to receive contact information of all participants who have agreed for their details to be shared.
    2. Project Leaders – During the event, industry and community representatives can lead participant teams working on pre-defined projects. The project details can be defined by the project leader. It can either be a contribution to a well-established open-source initiative or a new project from scratch. You can decide a problem for the teams and  help them design and code the solution. The participants can select projects at the time of conference registration.
    3. Technical Mentors – You can provide programming support to the participants and solve their coding related problems faced during the project execution.

We look forward to you support and help us in this endeavour by dropping an email at  acm_w_europe_hackathon@acm.org by the 20th July 2018.